Budgeting for Travel Even During Covid for Inner Peace

Throwback to last November when I took a girl's trip with my college friends! I remember the fun we had like it was yesterday. ATV's, zip-lining, and all the plantains in Playa Del Carmen we could eat. You don't appreciate something until it's gone. I promise Lord to never complain about anything ever again if you can Bring Back Vacations!!!! In fact, not sure if I can leave this world without going to about one million more places.

Why this Trip is so Important

It's not a secret I enjoy traveling. I'm consistently making posts on social media about it, and honestly, before this year, you would only catch me posting when I was going places. I like sharing my experiences and being in a new environment instead of my now boring reality of everyday routines, starring me and the work-desk in Minnesota.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my honey and I went to San Diego the weekend of Thanksgiving. Just being in a new environment, in another city, with my husband, helped me find a new relaxation level. I like to find ways to slow down, even in a pandemic, so that I can take care of myself mentally. It was genuinely exhausting waking up every day to log on to a computer and answering to someone five days a week. Not to mention by the time the day is over, it's now mommy time because my three-year-old is on until bedtime. I have a slither of time to myself from 8-10, that usually competes with school, studying, and quality time with my husband. To say my life is busy is an understatement.

Budgeting for the Trip

Well, when we decided to carve out some much-needed quality time and a budget for it, I was down for the cause. Now, I would like to remind everyone that I still ball on a budget as much as I enjoy letting the dollars flow. We selected a beautiful 5-minute-walking-to-the-beach house on a hill for four nights as our rental Airbnb. We spent about $117/per night, which is pretty medium in pricing. For us, it was all about location and just making sure we could walk to the beach if we wanted. Oh, did we walk too! I think I got a new badge on my Fitbit for this trip for hitting 20,000 steps, which has been foreign to me ever since we have been working from home.

We budgeted around $1000 for food since we didn't plan on cooking and our tickets to San Diego cost about $250 apiece. We rented a car for about $40/day and spent $300 on pocket money to buy things like souvenirs. I scored some Frida Kahlo paintings as my take-home treasure and got my son a shark toy since he is into those now.

Planning this trip, we kept our budget in mind, but I would be lying if I didn't mention we wanted to splurge just a little. Let's be real; it's been a challenging ass year.

🔴 So side note, my husband is the one that plans all our trips. I literally just show up with my suitcase, ready to go to the airport; the only thing I keep track of is our passports, money, and my iPhone, sometimes his because hubby can be forgetful. What I'm about to share is his process of getting our trips down to budget-friendly travel.

So Jeramy says:

Hotel and Accommodations

Always check rates on hotels when traveling. Airbnb's are great, but hotels offer great incentives, especially during the pandemic. You can always find great pricing at sites like Hotels.com and Orbitz to get them locked in at a lower price and reserve without paying until the day before in case you want to shop around. Airbnbs are okay as well, but it depends on what type of experience you want. We have done hotels, some trips, and homestays on another, so it just depends on what you want to do.