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Next on my list of people who are really making a splash on the financial literacy platform. I present Billy Guan, Financial Planner Extraordinaire. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Billy these last several months and attending one of his financial planning seminars. All I can is say is this guy knows his stuff. His goal is helping people achieve financial success through great investment instruments and opportunities. He is a financial coach and retirement planner that has been featured on Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, and VoyageLA most recently. You can find him on Instagram or schedule a free consultation with him if you want to learn more about investment opportunities.

State your name and City:

Billy Guan, San Francisco

Who is someone you respect in the finance community?

David McKnight. Financial Advisor and Best selling author of Power of Zero and Tax Free Income for Life

Why is money and personal finance important to you?

Money is a tool. It’s super important to understand how tools work so that you can use the strategies to grow your wealth.

What do you think is the biggest money challenge for people when it comes to wealth building?

Most people never learn the foundations and are following the masses...which is usually full of bad information. There’s a reason why there’s the 1% and the 99%. They know strategies that most people never bother to learn because it requires WORK to make those strategies grow effectively. Wealth building isn’t just about growing money. The more important thing is NEVER LOSING MONEY.

Why did you start your platform on?

I am trying to grow my platform on IG to help and potentially work with people that are open to learning these Tax Free Retirement and Asset Protection strategies. Obviously I want to grow my business, I also want to put people in the best financial position possible.

What is one piece of advice when it comes to financial literacy do you want people to get from you?

Tax Free Retirement income beats Tax Deferred income all day every day. If you’re overfunding traditional 401ks/IRAs/variable plans, you’re setting yourself up for financial failure. Tax rates risk (among a host of other risks) will eat up your retirement income in the future because tax rates WILL go up.

Wild Card Question: Flats or Drums and why? LOL

Drums. Because I’m a barbarian lol

How should people contact you or get connected on your platform?

Connect with me on IG at @billyguanmoneymagic Schedule a Free Financial Discovery Call at

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