Next Generation Wealth- Meet Maisal from On The Goe

Starting this financially literacy platform, I've been afforded opportunities to meet several cool people in my niche! Some that I really felt aligned with my values on my platform and have been truly amazing in so many ways. Today I present Maisal, from On The Goe! As a woman of color, she is 50 shades of amazing and heads a Youtube page titled Black Millennial Finance. The goal of her channel is to equip millennials with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve financial freedom and build generational wealth.

Her thing is if you can improve your money mindset, you can get to your financial independence number in no time.

I got to know Maisal a little more in-depth as she and I have connected more recently where she asked me to be featured on her fabulous channel (check out me out here). Anyways so without further ado, I present Maisal.

State your name and City:

Maisal and Phoenix, Arizona

Who is someone you respect in the finance community?

Tiffany Aliche is one of my favorite financial educators hands down!

It’s so great to watch Tiffany work because you can see the passion and purpose exude. I’ve been listening to the Brown Ambition podcast , hosted by Tiffany Aliche and Mandi Woodruff, for five years now and it’s really shaped my financial outlook. I love how they both share their takes on the corporate and entrepreneurial world because I am also trying to navigate both!

Why is money and personal finance important to you?

Money is important to me because having money means having options. The option to keep your home because you can afford the payments, the option to walk away from a toxic job because you have savings and more.

What do you think is the biggest money challenge for people when it comes to wealth building?

I think one of the biggest challenges is really around mindset. We become who we think we are, so it is important to have belief in yourself. Not just the "woo-woo" stuff, but truly believing that you can achieve your dreams and then seeking the resources to get there.

Why did you start your platform on?

I actually started my blog as a way of reaching out to other millennials and then that turned into IG and now YouTube. I just want others to know there is another option for them.

What is one piece of advice when it comes to financial literacy do you want people to get from you?

I hope that people know that they can take charge of their financial situation and that it is not that daunting. I have been sharing with my sorority sisters how to invest and understand their options and it has been wonderful series.

Wild Card Question: Flats or Drums and why? LOL

Lol definitely drums because there is more meat on them bones lol.

How should people contact you or get connected on your platform?

Please reach out via IG